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Medicare Supplement coverage:  

We'll help you find the plan that fits for your situation.


There are out-of-pocket costs associated with the federal health insurance program for older adults and people with disabilities.  It is these costs that supplemental insurances policies address.  For more information on these costs, click here.


Your Retirement Specialist will help you understand the options, compare the benefits of each and decide what combination of features best suits your situation.  


Depending upon the type of retirement health insurance you have, there may still be out-of-pocket costs for you to pay.  Retirement Specialists, LLC will help you evaluate how much you could be responsible for paying and what types of plans are most suitable for you.  

  • Perhaps you are uncomfortable with any risk of out-of-pocket costs.  There's a plan for you.


  • Perhaps you have access to savings to pay out-of-pocket costs should they arise and would rather have a higher deductible.  There's a plan for you.


We represent a group of insurance plans because of their superior products, quality rating and customer service, however Retirement Specialists is committed to connecting you with the benefits and services that will best serve you...even if that means referring to another company or community program.

There is a right choice for you amidst all this!  


We'll help you figure it out!  

Call us today to schedule

a free consultation!

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