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The Retirement Specialists Team

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Retirement Specialists, LLC

We are experienced professionals, advocates and licensed insurance agents.


We each left roles as public servants and community educators to pursue our passions of education, assistance and service to older adults without the chains of corporate and governmental bureaucracy.  


Today we are an independent agency able to respond quickly to the needs of people in our communities.


We do represent a group of insurance plans because of their superior products, quality rating and customer service, however Retirement Specialists is committed to connecting you with the benefits and services that will best serve you...even if that means referring to another company or community program.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to ensuring that older adults have access to all the information and counsel needed to weigh all the options to make sound decisions for their future health care insurance needs without pressure.  

We support independence, freedom of choice and empowerment for all people.

"I had a number of questions regarding Medicare and Social Security as I will turn 65 soon.  I met with Deb and Alex Harvey and they were fantastic!  Answered all my questions with clarity and patience.  I have been attending other seminars on Medicare, worked with the State of Wisconsin Employee Trust Funds, called the Medicare office, etc, while I learned a lot I still could not get some questions that dealt with my situation answered.  They answered all my questions in a manner that I understood.  On top of their expert advice they came to my house!   On top of that, they helped me sign up for Medicare!  


As they left they offered to answer any other questions that come up in the future.  


I was very impressed with their knowledge of Medicare and Social Security and without any hesitation will refer our friends to them.  Did I mention there were no fees!


Thank you!"


Jim Miller

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