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People are curious about Retirement Specialists and often ask us these questions.  We are happy to discuss our experience and this exciting business venture with you anytime!


Why did you go into business for yourselves?   We are very passionate about helping older adults access and maximize the benefits and services to which each person is entitled.  We wanted to continue to do the work we love. We know there is a great need for education and assistance with evaluating the options.  We wanted the freedom to accomplish this work and help others through the bureaucracy.  Thus, Retirement Specialists, LLC was born.  
It is a mission-driven organization where the 1st priority is helping people be informed consumers and make well-reasoned decisions.  Our hope is that people we serve will be able to avoid the unnecessary worry and future complications that can be caused by making health insurance decisions without understanding all the implications of the decisions.  For more on this, see In the News.


How much do your services cost?  There is never a fee to customers for Retirement Specialists, LLC services.


How do you get paid?  There are many services provided by Retirement Specialists, LLC for which we are not paid; services that we consider a public service and simply the right thing to do because we gained the knowledge and expertise people need during our tenure at the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Sauk Couunty.  
In the course of consultation and explanation of the options available for retirement health insurance and other benefits, a customer may decide that a supplemental health insurance or other type of plan would be right for them.  If a plan we represent is deemed suitable and chosen by the customer, we are pleased to provide assistance with enrollment in the plan.  In this situation, the insurance company pays the Specialist.  Our promise to never place the interest of Retirement Specialists, LLC ahead of the customer's interest. Our customers will never feel any pressure to purchase any particular plan because of our representation of the plan.
If the customer does not choose a plan we represent, we will gladly connect the customer with the appropriate agency or company to meet their needs.


Why did you choose to become contracted agents with one particular insurance company? While working in the public sector, we witnessed, 1st hand, the exemplary way the company does business; from paying claims to medical providers to providing excellent insurance coverage at a reasonable cost.  
When it was time for us to choose which insurance plans we would represent, it was a natural fit to choose them.  We simply would not put our name behind any other company! We appreciate that because it is a mutual company, the policy owners, directly reap the benefits of the Company's success.  
It is an A+ rated company with exceptional customer service.  The Company is also built upon corporate values of trust, security and family which direct every aspect of the Company.  We are proud to be part of the Company and have every confidence that the Company will protect and stand by its policy owners in the future just as it has throughout its history. 


I'm a Snowbird and I go to the sunny south in the winter.  Do I need to do anything special? There are some things to consider as you choose retirement health insurance.  Your Retirement Specialist will be happy to evaluate all the options to find the right coverage for you in WI and in the winter wherever you may be. 
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